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Laura Melgosa, M.S., MFT†† MFC 34899

Teens ~ does any of this sound familiar?

Growing up these days can be very challenging† ~† there are so many demands placed on you and sometimes the pressures can be unbearable.† Believe it or not, there are many teens that are struggling with these or very similar issues - you are not alone.† The good thing is, you can feel better about yourself and be in more control of what is going on in your life.†


Whatever reasons bring you to therapy, I want to assure you that it is my goal to provide you with an environment that feels safe, comfortable, and supportive.†


Text Box: Does it feel like your parents are on your case all the time, and just wonít give you a break?

Do you feel like your parents just donít understand or trust you, and that no matter what you say, they donít listen?

Is there something huge going on in your life, or do you have a secret that you feel you canít tell anyone?

Are you feeling sad, depressed, or hopeless about your life?

Have thoughts of self-harm or suicide every crossed your mind?
Text Box: Do you constantly compare yourself to others and wish you could be more like them?

Are you feeling pressured to use drugs or alcohol?

Are you feeling pressured to have sex, or are rumors going around about you that arenít true?

Are you feeling overwhelmed about school and just canít make the grades you or your parents expect?

Do you feel alone or that you just donít fit in with any group?