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Laura Melgosa, M.S., MFT   MFC 34899

Some teens come to my office for therapy (with resistance) through an initial appointment scheduled by their parents; however, many teens come willingly.  Either way, an appointment gets scheduled, and the process begins.  In my practice and experience, I find that most teens find their place in therapy, and believe that it is a beneficial experience for them.

What to Expect


The idea of “going to therapy” can be pretty scary for many teens, or it may be that therapy just doesn’t appeal to them -- besides, who wants to go tell their problems to a stranger anyway? 


Therapy does not have to be a horrible experience, as a matter of fact, MANY teens that I am currently working with report that they look forward to coming in for therapy and having their own private and confidential place to “unload”, problem-solve, and be heard. 

In many cases, I will meet with the parents and teen together for an initial assessment, thereafter, sessions will continue solely with the teen.  Many times the parent and teens perception of the “problem” does not match, and that is the point where therapy often begins.